Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Handsome Anime Guys 2

Owhmaigawd, I haven't posted anything for weeks because I was busy in university. Assignments wouldn't stop coming and sometimes they just pile up. And it's not like you can copy people's work like in secondary, because obviously you can copy other people's design. So yeah, busy busy.

During one of the weekends, I have attended a workshop and last weekend I attended my cousin's wedding. And yeah, I wasn't sure what I should post. Because now I have to post about handsome anime guys for Sandy, a girl who requested it LOL.

Without further delay, I'll try to make a list. I'll like to state that I don't watch all the animes I going to state below because in my previous post it was the same too. So basically, I'm just looking for good looking anime guys.

HAJIME SAITOU from HAKOUKIHakouki is an anime about the Shinsengumi squad protecting a girl that is searching for her father, which is also a doctor that the squad's looking for. Looking at Saitou, it's kinda obvious he's the quiet type, but he's loyal and polite. I personally prefer short-haired characters but Saitou looks kinda good.

SEIJ RAKASHI from KUROKO NO BASUKEActually I came across a cosplay of this guy and the cosplayer did a good job. He was so handsome that I stalked his Facebook for more cosplaying pictures. And Seijuro has the bad boy look that I don't see from other characters. I just knew that he is the main antagonist in the series.

SOUSUKE SAGARA from FULL METAL PANIC!It's just impossible to not love Sousuke. A sergeant within the paramilitary counter-terrorist force, Mithril, he's actually just a teenager. His serious attitude towards everything actually makes the whole series funny and it's amazing how devoted he is towards his work. And yeah, he has a lot of guns and weapons.

GAUCHE SUEDE from TEGAMI BACHII have just confused Gauche with the main character Lag LOL! Because they both look alike, just different in body size. I know nothing about Gauche except the fact that cosplayer Kaname cosplayed him before. He looks mysterious doesn't he. Mmmm.

KAZUMA MIKURA from AIR GEAROr more commonly known as Kazu. Kazu is really cool, from the first time I watched the anime and when I read the manga. He's often overshadowed by his friend Ikki but his speed made him the Flame King in the end. He's really cool, really, despite he acts like a spoilt brat sometimes.

ALLEN WALKER from D.GRAY-MANI know nothing about this guy or this anime/manga. *cough* Well, at least he has a mark on his face like Seighart. I really don't know what to say now. NEXT.

GRAY FULLBUSTER from FAIRY TAILMy favourite character from the manga. He's an ice mage and that automatically makes him cool PUNPUNPUN anyway, he looks similar to Musica from Rave Master with the black hair and all. He has a habit of stripping but I'm not complaining because I can see his abbs *shy* The placing of his guild mark looks cool too.

ULQUIORRA CIFER from BLEACHThe only guy besides Ichigo that I think is good looking in Bleach. And he's not even human so you should really congratulate him. I don't watch Bleach but I know he had a sad ending. He's so pitiful *sobscriessobs*

MAKOTO TACHIBANA from FREE!Makoto is a backstroke swimmer in Iwatobi High School swimming team. He's a nice person and is very helpful. Did I mention he's the tallest among all the members!? KYAAAAAAAA anyway the main reason I watched Free was because of Makoto. Because, doesn't he look gorgeous with those abbs and height!? *nosebleeds*

SHOGO MAKISHIMA from PSYCHO-PASSActually I was hesitating if I should write about Makishima because I'm more attracted to his charisma than his looks. He's my favourite character in the anime even though he's a cruel villain. Genius, a beautiful genius he is.

And that's all folks and Sandy! I hope she does read this at some point. If not my efforts will be wasted and I will probably look like a crazy girl that only looks at 2D guys. But I had fun searching for handsome guys so it's okay.

Before I sign off, I'm forced to do this because 'I said so', said Seru. HAI SERUUU YOU HAPPY LA HORH. Kaythanksbye.
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