Thursday, October 10, 2013

first reactions to some of the fall 2013

I'm just going to run through these anime really quickly as there is a lot of them, and I may spell words wrong, sorry and it is a very long post and will update as I start more series.


They have a good idea, but they've ruined it by putting three girls in miniskirts in as the main leads. They should've have had mixture of gender. The animation style is nice reminds me of K (made by the same people) so I fear that this is going to go down hill from here.


....holy....shit....This insanity reminds me of Fooly Cooly, but now will it be able to sustain this lunacy til the end of the show. Plus all those colours, makes it really lively.


First thing was "holy shit that ain't normal" when the girl does the back flip over the fence then "oh shit" when she stabs the main character in thechest. From there i'm just confused as shit about what is going on, probably because the subs I had were saying something like yuuna, is that demon in Japanese? And I find the animation too "moe" for the tone of anime they are using. It is like writing a horror novel in a girly font (you know with hearts instead of dots on the i's).


From the same staff members who made Gurren laggen we get this insanity, instead of the main character riding in the mecha, the mecha (uniform) is riding the person, or that is the best way of putting it....that is one hell of a crazy sailor uniform.


As a single guy, I can take that crazy girlfriend from ya! okay w/e if this series was less than 24 ep. let's say 12, I would be almost certain it'll end in an harem, but because it says 24 episodes, i don't know, it could have an actual winner at the end. I just hope the main character doesn't hook up with psycho girlfriend out of all the choices he can have.


The characters somehow remind me of shingeki yori. Maybe that is a bit too high, but i like where this one is going, by having two types of people clashing but yet have to integrate with one an other.


An ecchi version of devil part-timer with a large breasted loli, i will not be enjoying this one. Best part of this episode was Captain kirk mid way through the episode.


Well, we got a lovely island where all magical being are exiled to and force to live on for research, this doesn't sound like apartheid. And isn't the little girl a bit powerful for her age? ugh anime, what can we do with you.


"let's find a young otaku kid and send him out to a fantasy world on behalf of the government", they should've at least gone for an adult otaku. The animation is poor, and I know i won't be liking this series.


This is basically a copy off of .hack (SAO was a copy of this as well before i get your hate SAO fanboys). It lacks the animation that was in SAO, but the characters are already better, but somehow something tells me the main character will become a lady's man as least he has a personality.


Well if my memory serves me right the visual novel is in the same line as Clannad, so i was expecting a lot from it, but the first season didn't delivered, but this first episode of the refrain with Kurugaya going ballistic and making shit hit the fan. I think I may begin to like this. Sill I don't like Riki that much, he is a bit plain. Though i think there will come something from the supernatural that will blow this show to a whole new level of what it was.


Well, there is going to be a lot of breast and action. Plot wise, we are in the alsaka arc of the manga, and yeah, death all around is going to happen and that much is all I want to say. Now if the the mangaka will continue writing the damn thing. Oh yeah, i may read the manga, but i actually don't like the series, odd I know.


This is going to be as cliche as f*ck. The animation is nice, but i'm going to be bored by this series, probably.


well this is the series that got me into basketball, so I think i'll enjoy this very much :D


"ooo what is this.....idols....gone wrestling?" dropped.


You joking? This is just going to be about five guys who wear glasses mucking about? AWESOME!....somehow I like this, maybe it is all those colours...or just how stupid it is that I like it.


a school that does jousting, ah it isn't like jousting is really dangerous at all. Nah, that would be an absurd thought. Have we really ran out of normal clubs to do a slice of life about. Oh the CG of the horses remind me of Kingdom in its first episodes, and what it is returning to...STOP IT FOOLS.


This is a lovely anime, about a herald and the priestess.


Firstly, I won't point out any of the faults about the cycling as of head nearly exploded. but SEE walkure Romanze, we still have some "normal" clubs to do a slice of life on still, no need to ruse to the absurd.


that CG burns my eyes, RWYB looks better, not every country would be isolated, only japan, the British isles and a few others. In fact Eurasia-Africa and the Americas will be perfectly fine and rebound and do more domestic trading over land. We may lose satellites, but we can use land phones or even telegrams if we need to...I can go on, or you can just look at wilco's post about it. And the difference between the style of the main and the side characters is insane, and seriously dude, no need for that orange visor. And where have I seen an anime where there was a young girl, who has white hair and uses her body to command a super secret submarine for the good against the will of other governments....Full metal panic anyone (Tessa).


Um, she is rather real isn't she? Raishin has nerves of steel not do anything lewd with that "doll", and compare to the other dolls some of the people have, are you sure nothing was done as what happened in full metal alchemist (nina). And the CG at moments, RYWB is better....just stop with the CG, PLEASE!


So a school girl is the mayor? So this is the stereotype school president on crack or something. Interesting concept, though I read somewhere, this the third time round or something, whatever, never seen the other two, might as well watch this and get bitched at for watching the wrong one.
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