Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recap: Endless 8 Part 4

I can telegraph this start now. Kyon is watching a ball game he's not interested in. I've reached the halfway point of this, and the channel uploader said that we're free to skip to Part 8. I appreciate the offer, but I intend to see this through. I made it through Bakugan and Code Geass R2, I can make it through this.

It's mentioned that there are cheers on the field. When I started watching this episode; I noticed a person that didn't think this arc was as bad as people said; that they actually enjoyed seeing all the little details in each episode, despite the fact that it was the same exact outline every time. I told the person to talk to their doctor and get the dosage of whatever they're taking raised. I know I'll need to.

Friday, August 23, 2013

2011 Japan Cultural Affairs Department Kyoto Art Festival

Forgive the long title, but that pretty much sums up what this translation is covering. In 2011, the Japanese Cultural Affairs Department held an art festival in Kyoto from October 29 to November 23. On November 3rd, the local animation studio, Kyoto Animation, had three of its employees come to talk and give input about the company. I found a that gave a good transcript of the roundtable and thought people would be interested in a translation of it. (images used w/o permission from the owners)

After a long day of the Munto movie, first two episodes of K-On!!, and the long long Haruhi movie, the roundtable started at 16:30.

Fun Stuff: My Top Ten Favorite Anime Ladies

I may be all about the bishies, but I've definitely got a lot of love for some of the leading ladies of anime, too! As someone who likes to take the feminist perspective when digesting literature, film, etc, the subject of the role women play in anime is of particular interest to me. Several anime titles (especially those geared towards young men) tend to disappoint me with women whose characters are entirely dependent on fanservice and their physical appearance or otherwise dependency on the male lead(s) without any other driving purpose given, but several shows have developed fantastic heroines who have brains, guts, and emotional depths to go along with their looks.

Here are my top ten anime lady crushes and the reasons why I love them:

10. Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic)

Full Metal Panic Review


Kaname is one of "the Whispered," though she doesn't know this. She also doesn't know a group of very dangerous terrorists are after her. And Sousuke is the hot blooded soldier assigned by an anti-terrorist group to protect the popular high school girl. But piloting a mech is one thing. High school? That's another.

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