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Baka to Test

The main characters of class F (Image taken from:

As promised, I have a review for Baka to Test today. Baka to Test is very much a comedic anime with a little mix of romance, but very, very heavily lies on its comedy. The anime is about a school that separates classes by their grade level according to a test they give out. For example, all the A students are in class A, B students in class B, and so on. The story primarily follows class F and their struggles to try and work their way up in the class ladder. Each and every student at the school has a summoned being that can fight for them. As such, the way classes could move up the class ladder was by challenging and defeating the class above them. If the lower class wins, then they move up to the upper classroom while the loser moves down to the winner's former classroom. Each classroom has from high grade (class A) to low grade (class F) equipment for a classroom in general, thus, the higher one moved, the more advantage they had in their studies or just more comfort being in their classroom.

Summons of Yoshii Akihisa, Himeji Mizuki, Shimada Minami, and Sakamoto Yuji (Image taken from:

In my opinion, I feel that Baka to Test is very funny yet very immature. I don't mean to say immature anime can't be entertaining because that is far from valid. Baka to Test has a few... perverted or just weird moments that made me chuckle, but past that it's not really all that special when compared to several other animes I've watched. Still, it's very funny and was worth the while to watch both seasons. Altogether, I'd say Baka to Test's comedy is what carries it into being a fairly decent anime, along with a more parody type of feel on the summons idea than in most summon-type-thing animes.

The main characters of class F pictured with the two main characters of class A (Image taken from:

Ruri's Rating: 7.75/10

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