Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The insipidity of Kyoto Animation

I've always had a love/hate relationship with KyoAni. After the idol episode of Kyoukai no Kanata, I realized I finally had it with them.

What anime fan doesn't know about KyoAni or its influence on anime or the collective fandom? My entry sums everything up, but to those who haven't read it or somehow don't know about KyoAni's tendencies:

* Ever since the Suzumiya Haruhi first aired in 2006, the anime community has been obsessed with everything they do.

* Their animation is fluid and flawless.

* They've animated almost every single Key visual novel adaptation.

* They're almost notorious for adapting light novels centered around characters in a high school club.

* Moe.

If you've read the guide entry or this blog in general, you should know that I am far from a KyoAni fan. They have their (that post is already quite outdated), though the number of their works that I've disliked far outweighs the ones I've enjoyed.

Because of my anime masochism and my desire to keep up with the current buzz in the fandom, I've watch (and completed) every KyoAni release. Of the six shows they've produced in the past two years, I've only rated one above a 5/10 on MAL (which is Hyouka). KyoAni has always had a certain checklist of recurring plot elements which creates a certain amount of predictability. But their recent string of post-Hyouka releases have all been dull and disappointing. (Okay, Tamako Market actually wasn't terrible, though I definitely don't like it enough to care about the new related project.) And while Chuunibyou was also not terrible, the second half was awful and I don't care about the cast to see what else happens in next season's sequel.

KyoAni has become too predictable and much too comfortable with the mold that it has established for itself. Due to this, it seems to me that KyoAni has become nothing more than a factory that churns out unoriginal, disappointing, and soulless (light) novel adaptations. High school is one of, if not the absolute worst setting in anime. I have long stopped sympathizing with the pure, ditzy moe girl with a tragic past. I fucking hate moe. I really do not have any reason to keep up with this damn studio anymore. Unless I hear some miraculously really good things from people whose opinions I trust on any of their future works, or if they make a Full Metal Panic! sequel, I cannot be bothered with any company that strives for the average, safe, and mediocre. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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